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[Published on August 23, 2010]

I can't help but feel slightly guilty for hoarding numerous business cards, newspapers, books (which were the result of sneaking past a gate and shuffling through a large pile of reading material on the side of a building near Bar 13), gallery and museum pamphlets, postcards, opened and unopened mail, photocopies of textbook chapters cited for CELTA course assignments, and so on. Even though I've amassed a large number of printed materials after living in Harlem and Bushwick, thanks to two indescribably generous friends, I explored only a small fraction of Manhattan and Brooklyn's facets, which guests and residents experience on a daily basis. I anticipated spending more time writing but the pace of the city makes one feel like time and money can disappear at the same speed that a marble drops into a body of water.

[Published on August 21, 2010]

During the summer of 2010, I went to New York to obtaincertification to teach Englishas a foreign language to non-nativespeakers. It was a journey taken toescape the perils of graduatingwithout full-time employmentand seemed like an exceptionalmethod means of traveling the globe. Training was more intense than I hadanticipated but monstrous signs onbuildings were the perfect anecdotefor my allergic reaction to the monotonyof elucidating meaning, function andpronunciation of target language.

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