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Mission Detroit Photography Spreads Wings at Gallery 17

[Published on August 12, 2014]

It could hardly be believed the Russell Industrial Center’s Gallery 17 served as the first venue in which Mission Detroit Photography exhibited its work publicly since establishing its ideation about a year and a half ago. The origins of this dynamic duo began after Don Davenport, Mission Detroit’s founding counterpart, played drums for Helios Axys. During his days with the band, Terri Zyskowski, a former Axys fan and founding entity of Mission Detroit, frequented venues with an ex who was associated with the band. As time moved on and relationships changed, Zyskowski found herself sifting through JPG Magazine and found “Tools of the Trade”—an image Davenport captured of his drum set. This sparked a sort of breadcrumb trail, which led Zyskowski and Davenport to each other to forge an organically productive relationship.

The framework of adventure and appreciation of life fueled their bond, which was elemental on the countless trips upon which they embarked for the sake of capturing their observations with their respective lenses. Their growth culminated to form Mission Detroit Photography, a partnership of image making, in March 2013. Since then, their routines of road tripping, drifting in different directions, and joining photographic forces have progressed swimmingly. Fourth of July weekend proved solidified their growth with elegance of the sun, sea and sand at Big Sable Lighthouse—a destination the dynamic duo had their eyes set on for quite some time. One particular image was printed on metal, which heightened the emotions elicited upon gazing at the marvelous scene and reiterated the constantly evolving status of Mission Detroit.

The range of subjects and quality of work depicted sophistication in craft not unlike Mission Detroit’s newest collaborator Jaiden of Sweet Pea Images. The precocious young lady began exercising her creativity when granddaughter Zyskowski gave Jaiden a camera, which incited an ease a true artist achieves with her/his weapon of choice. Not only has Jaiden unwaveringly honed her talent, she also administers her counsel on Mission Detroit’s executive decisions—a contribution the duo embraces with equal reverence to Jaiden’s youthfulness.

While Mission Detroit’s expansion has tirelessly grown, so too have Davenport’s appreciation for structure and composition, Zyskowski’s wondrous intuition and exceedingly keen eye for liveliness, as well as Jaiden’s steadfast productivity. Spectators and fans of the Mission eagerly await forthcoming endeavors of this bourgeoning partnership. To learn more and stay updated, get on board and keep eyes open for the Mission.

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