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With Ghesquière in Mind

[Published on April 30, 2013]

As a new month begins, making transitions between cities, embarking on journeys of professionals and artistic endeavors, or progression with relationships one has with others, while finding centered moments and learning to thrive with a third guiding force of intuition on not only significant matters but sustaining peace and helping others achieve the same awareness, seems like exceedingly practical goals to accomplish.

These days many people seem to be overextending their skills because they can identify elements in need of support while accomplishing requirements of one’s position but are unmet with support from superior authorities of seemingly less creativity-inclined mindsets . The interview with Nicolas Ghesquière proved the vitality of recycling the feeling of empowerment within a place of work.

What was clear was the disintegration of language juxtaposing the eerie immediacy of information, which one cannot refute as a sort of ambiguity in establishing how one can grow when the original responsibilities of one’s occupation no longer carry the same intensity while moments of reflection demonstrate the cloudiness masks an abusive demand for one’s skills. Is this the plight of all creative entities?

Perhaps, however, as aggressively as the wind pushes against bare tree branches, it seems one must navigate through cumbersome hierarchies in pursuit of support for successful achievements with exceptional stamina in order to overcome rigidity of tradition.

I wonder how long it will take for Playboy to move beyond the impediments posed in Goa. If change incites skepticism from occupied positions of power, how do creative gusts of wind garner enough momentum to motivate a wholesome and effervescent evolution?

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